Company A, was recruited in Dallas, Collin and Kaufman Counties, with most coming from Kaufman. Captain Andrew Johnson Hardin, 41, was elected the commander of this company.  Though it is not known for sure that he was living in Kaufman County, several of his children were and came into the service with him. One died on the way to the war. This may have been a fact that led to his not being elected captain in May 1862.  He also, may have been a friend of Colonel Stones and just desired to return to Texas with him to raise a new regiment. Captain Hardin led his troops to the Indian Territories and fought at Elkhorn Tavern and at the first Corinth.

In May, James S. Porter was elected Captain and Lieutenants John K. Love and James G. Vance resigned after not being elected. Two days Charles A. Woolworth was cashiered and sent home. This left Hardin T. Moore, Lieutenant. Lewellyn T. Nash was promoted to Lieutenant and Jesse C. Caruthers was promoted from Sergeant to Second Lieutenant.


The unit fought with the 6th, dismounted at Corinth and Hatchie Bridge. In November they were remounted and then went on the raid against the Union depot at Holly Springs and subsequent destruction of railroad and infrastructure in western Tennessee.

Company A was with the 6th and Ross's Cavalry Brigade during the rest of the war and suffered the same amount of casualties as the rest of the regiment.  Most companies were down to about one quarter their original strength by the time the regiment was surrendered in 1865. See the regimental history.



 Muster Roster of Company A Click on this link to see the unit roster.

 Field Locations:


September 10, 1861 Mustered-in as Company A, in the 6th Regiment (__ Brigade) of  
___Volunteers, commanded by Colonel B. Warren Stone, called into the service of the Confederate States in the Provisional Army under the provisions of the Act of Congress passed February ___, 1861 by the Secretary of War from September 10, 1861 
(date of this muster) for the term of twelve months, unless sooner discharged.

 General notation:  The men borne on the above roll marched thus (;X) were not present when the company was presented for muster on September 10, 1861 (date of this muster), but subsequently joined and were enrolled and mustered into the service.  I certify, on honor, that the men, their horses and equipment have been carefully examined and I have accepted them into service of the Confederate States for the term of twelve months from September 21, 1861,  

Confederate States Army, Mustering Officer



October 31, 1861 Stationed at Flat Rock Creek, Missouri.

November December 1861          Stationed at Fort Gibson, Cherokee, 
Nation, I.T.

January February 1862            Stationed at Camp on Lee's Creek, Arkansas.

March April 1862                Stationed at Camp   McIntosh, AK.

May June 1862             Stationed at Camp   Maury, MS.

July August 1862            Stationed at Camp   Armstrong, MS.

September October 1862         Stationed at Camp   Rogers, MS.

November December 1862         Station not stated.

January February 1863         Stationed at Camp Spring Hill, TN.

March April 1863             Stationed near Spring Hill, MS.

May August 1863  Station not stated.

September - October 1863     Stationed at Camp near Vernon,  MS.

May Jun 1864         Stationed at ____, Georgia.

After June 1864 unit records were either not kept or were lost.


After the Atlanta Campaign had gone on for a period of time companies were combined and officers became excess. It is not known whether Company A was closed or became the parent company of other companies. These detachments soon dwindled down to less than 100 men. In April of 1865 the strength of the whole 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment was just over 200 men.