Company B, was recruited in Limestone and Kaufman Counties. The basic group came from Captain John Summerfield Griffith's Militia Company. Add to that a few Wades and others and it was not hard to mount a full cavalry company.  Until the company arrived in Dallas, Griffith was the commander.  


     But because of his military experience fighting Indians and his popularity he was promoted to Deputy Commander of the regiment with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


     In his stead, Amos Dye was elected Captain and Alfred Cummings was promoted to First Lieutenant. These officers and a few more led the company into the Indian Territories on the way to war. After a couple of fights in the Indian Territories, a charge at Elkhorn Tavern, and some minor skirmishes, the company was reorganized during May 1862.


     Captain Dye, Lt. Cummings, Lt. James Truett and Lt. Bufford L. Williams all resigned after not being elected back to their offices. Henry Wade, a private, was elected Captain, Terry Wade returned to private. Other officers were re-elected.


     At this time the unit was dismounted to fight as Infantry. In July Col. Griffith held a Courts Marshal and three men were dismissed from the service. Gen. H. E. McCullough formally discharged Pvts. Ameck and C. C. Blake on July 16th. 


     At Iuka the company was not in the combat, but at Corinth the company lost Lieutenants John M. Moore and Charles B. Williams and Captain Wade, who had been ill was wounded. The unit was in the thick of it at Hatchie Bridge. Terry Wade was promoted to First Lieutenant, William Wade was promoted to First Sergeant and George W. Lancaster was promoted from Corporal to second Lieutenant to bring the officer ranks back to strength.  Amos Richardson was the Farrier and a First Lieutenant and Albert Thomas was a Second Lieutenant the only other two not mentioned in this narration.


     Company B, remounted after Corinth and rode with the regiment on the Holly Springs Raid.  Captain Wade took leave and his brother commanded the company. (Wade took two 40 day leaves; Dec 6, 61 and Jul/Aug 63). During Wade's absence Terry Wade was in command.  Company B, was in Tennessee and  returned to Mississippi prior to Captain Wade's return, but Wade was in command when the unit began it's move to Rome,  Georgia on May 5, 1864, from Tuskaloosa, Alabama, and the beginning of the Atlanta Campaign.


     They reached Rome after marching 34 miles on the 15th. On May 16th Company B, had a heavy skirmish with the enemy. On the 17th the whole brigade engaged a division of enemy only one mile from Rome. On the 18th the skirmish continued till late in the 
evening. On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th  they continued to skirmish along the Etawa  River.  On the 26th they fought at New Hope Church, and the 27th near Dallas, Georgia.  This turned out to be a heavy battle where they fought dismounted. Only one 
man was slightly wounded.


     June continued the same way. The companies slowly dissolved till the Regiment was like a large  company and finally the brigade was like a large company or a small regiment.  At the end of the Atlanta Campaign after the 6th had been in contact daily for 112 days, many companies were down to platoon strength and there were an excess of officers.  Captain Wade was elected to lead a combat patrol of these excess officers to recon the area.  The sixth was probably operating as a small company at that time as the brigade only had 550 men present for duty. The company remains continued 
with the 6th back into Tennessee with General Hood and the 6th continued is wild charges, that rolled up infantry. The brigade provided rear cover for Hood’s Army after Nashville. The army drifted down into Alabama and Mississippi in the early part of 1865 and licked it’s wounds. The company continued in this mode until the end of the war and disbanded when they were paroled.


 Muster Roster  Click on this link to see the company roster.



September 9, 1861.                                                 Stationed at Dallas, Dallas County, TX.


September 9, 1861  Muster-in roll of Captain John S. Griffith's Company B, 
in the ___ Regiment (___ Brigade) of Texas Cavalry Volunteers, commanded by Colonel B. Warren Stone, Called into the service of the Confederate States in the Provisional Army under the provisions of the Act of Congress passed February ___, 
1861 by the Secretary of War from September 9, 1861 (date of this muster)

 For a term of twelvemonths, unless sooner discharged.  


SIGNED  R. R. GARLAND, Captain, Confederate States Army, 
Mustering Officer


October 31, 1861                                                      Stationed at Flat   Rock Creek, Missouri.

November – December 1861                                Stationed at Fort Gibson, Cherokee 

Nation, I.T.

January – February 1862                                       Station Not Stated

March – April 1862                                                  Stationed at Camp McIntosh, Ak.

May – June 1862                                                     Stationed at Mooresville.

July – August 1862                                                 Stationed at Camp Armstrong, MS.


July 16, 1861  The three men above discharged.  It was not known in the command until after the preceding muster, therefore their names appear on this roll.  Final statements were sent to Christopher C. Blake and Alvin Amick by Lieutenant Colonel John S. Griffifth up to July 16, at which time said Griffith was authorized to discharge them. However, General H.C. McCulloch discharged them, as stated above.


September – October 1862                                    Station not Stated.

November – December 1862                                Stationed at [illegible].

January – February 1863                                       Stationed at Spring Hill, TN.

March – April 1863                                                  Stationed near Spring Hill, TN.

May – June 1863                                                     Stationed at Camp Birdsong, MS

July – August 1863                                                 Station not stated.

September – October 1863                                    Stationed near Vernon, MS.

May – June 1864                                                     Stationed near Marietta, GA.

May 5, 1864                                                              The company moved from near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

May 15, 1864                                                            Reached Rome, GA on May 15 after marching thirty-four miles that day.

May 16, 1864                                                            Had heavy skirmish with the enemy near Rome.

May 17, 1864                                                            A very heavy fight took place between the brigade and a division of the enemy one mile from Rome. There were two men of my company wounded.

May 18, 1864 ;                                                          Skirmish continued at Rome 
until late in the evening, when we retired.

May 22-24, 1864                                                      Was engaged in skirmishing on the Etowah River.

May 26, 1864                                                            Engaged at New Hope Church.

May 27, 1864                                                            Engaged near Dallas, GA on May 27. Was dismounted and had a heavy engagement. One man was slightly wounded.

June 3-5, 1864                                                         Was engaged in skirmishing. 



After June 1864 many companies were depleted and began to consolidate. At that point many did not keep good data or in some cases kept none.