Company E, was recruited in Van
Zandt County.
 September 7, 1861.
 Stationed at Dallas, Dallas County, TX.
September 7, 1861  Muster-in roll of Captain Jack Wharton's Company E, in
the ___ Regiment (___ Brigade) of Texas Cavalry Volunteers, commanded by Colonel B. Warren Stone, Called into the service
of the Confederate States in the Provisional Army under the provisions of the Act of Congress passed February ___, 1861 by the
Secretary of War from September 7, 1861 (date of this muster)For a term of twelvemonths, unless sooner discharged.  
SIGNED   R. R. GARLAND, Captain, Confederate States Army, Mustering Officer.
Muster Roster
October 31, 1861     
Stationed at Flat   Rock Creek, Missouri.
November -  December 1861  Stationed at Fort Gibson, Cherokee
Nation, I.T.
January - February 1862    Station at camp on
Lee's Creek, AK.
March - April 1862        
Stationed at Camp   McIntosh, Ak.
May - June 1862    
 Stationed at Camp   Maury, MS.
July - August 1862    Stationed at
Camp Frank  Armstrong,  MS.
September - October 1862  Stationed at
Camp   Rogers, MS.
November - December 1862  Stationed
not stated.
January - April 1863     
 Stationed not stated.
May - June 1863     
Stationed near Brownsville,  MS.
July - August 1863
 Station near Richland,  MS.
May - June 1864
 Stationed in the field.