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d: died as a result of wounds or disease
k: killed in battle
w: wounded
[Indicates census data]
Stone, B.(Barton) Warren
Commissioned by Texas   Congress to raise a regiment of Cavalry, Col Stone recruited
in the Dallas area   and put together the 6th Texas Cavalry.  In May 1862 after he had
lead the unit   through several battles, he resigned to return to Texas to raise another   
Regiment.  See Biography at
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan (Sul)
From Co. H. as a private,   he was raised to Major in the staff and then appointed
Command when Col Stone   left.  Later commanded the Texas   Brigade in the Army of
Tennessee and Atlanta Campaigns. See Biography at
Wharton, Jack
Commanded Company E until   Ross's promotion. Commanded Regiment until he
turned regiment over to Peter Ross in summer 1864. See Bio in   Regimental history.
Wilson, Stephen B
Ross, Peter F.
Commander at end   of war. LS Ross's older Brother. See Bio in Regimental history.
Griffith, John Summerfield
Commanded regiment during Holly Springs Raid and retired   for health reasons. Later
promoted to Brig. Gen. See Bio in regimental history.
White, Robert M.
Major Robert M. White were killed   in combat while at Duck Island River,
Tennessee. See biography in regimental history
Gurley, D.R.
Myers, Edward G.
Baker, John J.
Witt, Andrew J
Rather, William S.
McKinney, Earnest A.
Resigned/dropped from rolls August 3, 1862.  From Co. G, Acting Commissary of   
Menchaca, Jose M.
Assignment not known.
Thomas, D. B.
r. May 1862.
Payne, N. H.
Hill, John Walter
McCurdy, Thomas Briceland
Born Jan. 23, 1829 in Muskingum County, Ohio, died June   10, 1901, Lancaster,
Texas. His father   was John McCurdy and his mother was Mary Briceland.  They
came to Texas in 1858 and settled in   the Lancaster area .    He was married on Jan.
10, 1865 in Dallas County to Mattie George born   Nov. 8, 1840 and died May 12, 1866.
His second mirriage was in Ellis County on   March 14, 1872 to Minnie E. Bell born Feb.
26, 1850 and died April 20,   1937.  Her CSA widow pension   application No. 
49806.  He is buried in the Edgewood Cemetery,   Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.
Bradford, Hamilton
Sadler, Richard B.
Hospital   Stewards
Arnold, James A.
From Company H.
McElHenry, James R.
Hall, B. F.
Hudson, Edward H.
b. 12   Jul 1833, AR d. 25 Feb 1914, Round Rock, TX
Vanderhurst, Michael M.
Michael   M. Vanderhurst was Killed October 8, 1862 during   the retreat from
Hatchie Bridge.  He had come to F&S from Co. G.
Edwards, Joseph M.
Goughenaut, Earnest
Chief Bugler, from Co. A,   I
McCullough, Henry A.
Bugler, Musician
McHugh, John
Bugler, Musician, from   Co. K
Simmons, Benjamin P.
Bugler, from Co. K.
Ross, R. S.
Tucker, Thomas C.
From Co. H.
Farmer, John H.
From Co. G
Freman, William H.
Probably from Co. C. maybe a Bugler.
Leslie, John
Stark, Henry F.
Stringham, William
Wair, J. P.
White, Charles

Eastborne, C. R.
Federal rolls were compiled from bi-monthly   individual records.  Miss-spellings   
occurred when clerks or adjutants changed or miss heard the names reported to   
them.  Some soldiers could not write or   spell.  Some of the individual data was   
entered by Tarelton State University.;  Some transcription errors occurred at the   
National Archives.
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Listed as droppedfrom rolls is Company C?
A history of the field and staff has not been located. The History of
the regiment is the best as to military operations, but the life of these
soldiers must have been one magnificient story.