From Lt Griscom’s Diary, Adjutant 9th Texas Cavalry Regiment of actions during General Kilpatricks’s Raid August 16 – 21, 1864.


1 Skirmish Brigade


August 15, 1864 – Remain in camp until 4 PM when we move out to meet a raid toward Fairburn & engage the enemy fiercely with artillery and small arms – 9th being in the rear is ordered to make detour & go to the front of the raid – take trail & country roads & cross RR above & find Federals in Fairburn – go still further to the left – strike F[airburn] & Jonesboro road & send advance into F[airburn] & find Federals gone back & move out to leave – camp & feed at 11 PM.                                             15 miles


Battle (9th)


August 16, 1864 – Rejoin the Brigade in Fairburn & advance to our old picket position driving the enemy from it after a hard fight (53) – our men (9th) making several picket or skirmish charges finally dismounting & driving the enemy from their rail works capturing a horse and 3 prisoners & establishing our pickets on old ground – pickets are driven in at midnight but quit again in the morning


1 Skirmish


August 17, 1864 – Skirmishing in the night & again this morning – with a line of infantry who have advanced & occupy our late position – are relieved at 9 AM by Legion – get corn & carry it 3 miles to rear across a creek & camp where we will not have so many roads to picket


August 19, 1864 – Remain in camps all day – Heavy picket firing at 10 PM on our left –


5 Skirmishes (9th)


August 19, 1864 – Brigade saddles up at 12-1/2o’clock AM & 9th moves out to support the 6th Texas who are fighting on picket – move out & post as we get there & go to the front in columns of fours – receive a charge. The enemy charging in sight among our pickets – Col. Jones with 1st half of Regiment charges them and makes them recoil & then fight them hand to hand for one hour & then keep up a heavy skirmish till light. The Legion coming to our assistance just before light – Colonel Jones wounded by horse falling on him while acting with his usual gallantry – S[mith] Compton [Co.] “H” & L[ee] Perkins [Co.] “D” wounded – at light 9th under command now of Lt. Col. Berry is ordered to make a detour to the front of the raid strike across to Jonesboro & F[ayetteville] road & engage them & are repulsed or rather flanked back (3rd fight them on the RR) make another detour  & join the Brigade which goes to Bucks X-roads when the 9th again charges them with pistols in the 2 Battalions – repulsed by dismounted line & again move to front on the J[onesboro] & F[ayetteboro] road & wait their approach – 9th forming in column of squadrons after feeding our horses – when skirmishing commences we dismount too & build works but they come in such force we fall back across Flint River & skirmish again (Legion on line) & fall back to town of Jonesboro – are shelled out of it & have to fall back – 9th east of RR & Brigade on the west – pickets from Legion & 9th both skirmish nearly all night – Federals occupying Jonesboro (54) – Capt. A. R. Wells [Co.] “G” killed by shell in J[onesboro], Lt J. E. Moore Co. “A” wounded, W. P. Reece Co. “D” & J. A. Vines [Co.] “I” [wounded]


Skirmish & Battle


August 20, 1864 – Moved up at light through J[onesboro] – have Capt W[ells] buried – follow the enemy on the McDonough road – 3rd Texas skirmished with them 2-1/2 hours driving them off – Brigade persuing until 10-1/2 AM coming up with them near Lovejoy where Reynold’s Infantry was fighting them in front & engaged them briskly as cavalry & then dismount & deploy – bring up battery & play on their charge & drive in their skirmishers but their main line repulses us - & we are charged in turn by 3 heavy columns of Cavalry & a heavy line of Infantry stampeding our horses & running through our Brigade capturing the battery after a stubborn resistance some ambulances & a number of horses – the Brigade acted most gallantly horseholders & all fighting them hand to hand & giving away when overpowered – finally fall back to the timber & as soon as their column passed again took the field and commenced assembling – gathering up nearly all the men and horses – loosing but a few & not a man killed in the charge (55) –


August 21, 1864 – Collect horses & move camp to Jonesboro & camp there – our loss sums up: Capt. A. R. Wells & 1 man killed by shells (W. L. Goodwin Co. “D”) – wounded were Capt. W. E. Anderson, Corpl. C. Dees (mortally) & Priv. M. L. Cloninger Co. “F”; Lt. J. E. Moore, {Priv} [Jesse] Rogers, [Co. “A”] and Sergt. B O’Reily (head – saber), J. A. Hogue, g.W. Sloan, H.C. Sears Co. “C” slightly; W. P. Reece, A. Perkins, L. F.Perkins, Tom Perkins, J. T. Turner Co. “D” J. J.  Weatherall, J. D. Pruitt Co. “F” J. H. Caudle, M. Miller, J. Vines Co. “I” E. J. Brown Co. “A” all slightly wounded Sergt. S. Dider, Corpl. S[mith] Compton Co. “H” slightly [R. C. Johns, M. Williams, G. Richardson Co. “K” 28th Ar[tillery]Sloan & M. Miller] – Loss Killpatrick [Brig-Gen. Judson Kilpatrick](56) raid 2 killed, 20 wounded, 4 captured – The captured were D. S. Alvey (Bugler), T. Butler & Sgt L. A. Porter Co. “E” M. King Co. “A” Capt. – After running over us He [Kilpatrick] was persued by Armstrong (200), ran him via McDonough capturing much plunder, horses &c &c – we get many horses (all his pack train) many prisoners & plunder & kill about 100 – 4 men 30 horses lost in 9th Texas Cav,-

August 22, 1864 – Move via the RR to the vicinity of Eastpoint & camp – report of Killed and wounded on raid shows 1 off[icer] 1 man killed, 2 officers 18 men wounded & 10 missing (7 of whom afterwards come in)